Building Bridges

The Mitchell Bridges’ service means that we like to be involved with our clients early on in the planning process. We are problem solvers and have many years of expert knowledge and experience. 

Using our wide range of products we can find different ways to achieve a solution to any access problem, whether it is at a major event, on a construction site or on a railway site.


Quality Construction Bridges

We not only maintain modern safety and quality standards, but, by working closely with most of the local authorities, we have developed many years’ experience in obtaining approval for our customers’ projects. 

Mitchell Bridges also complies with all the relevant British Standards along with recommendations from the Institute of Structural Engineers , the Department of National Heritage and the Department of Transport.

So our clients can be assured that with Mitchell Bridges’ knowledge, expertise and experience, we will be on hand to offer advice and important information to find the right pedestrian and vehicle bridging solution. 

Email  or phone us on 01962 885040 for more information on any of our bridges and services.

Our Team

Meet our team of professionals who can help you with your temporary vehicle and pedestrian bridge project requirements.