Bridging the rails with a Lightweight U-Frame Pedestrian Bridge at Selby Station

October 3, 2023

Story Contracting are part of the nationwide Access for All (AFA) programme, improving accessibility at Network Rail’s stations. To stay fully operational, Selby Station needed a temporary footbridge. Our Lightweight 18-metre-long U-Frame bridge was perfect for the job.

Story Contracting

Keeping the railways open at the same time as improving them is a huge challenge. Story Contracting are a major player in the railway sector, winning multiple contracts and frameworks as part of Networks Rail’s continuous improvement of the UK's railway infrastructure.

In the case of Selby station, Story had been contracted to replace the existing footbridge as part of a larger project of improvements. For the public to move safely between platforms while work was being undertaken, a temporary footbridge was needed.

A bespoke design was required, considering factors such as existing platform infrastructure, train sight lines, conforming platform distances, privacy to residents and extremely high wind loads to name just a few!

Mitchell Bridges is unique in its ability to be able to cater for all the complex challenges that the project posed. We were able to design, deliverand install our 18m U-Frame Bridge within a single possession night. Our incredibly experienced, railway qualified install team ensured that the platforms were open to the public the next morning.

Keeping stations open with the 18m
U-Frame Bridge

Story had several challenges when they approached Mitchell Bridges for a solution. The site location provided:

  • High wind loads
  • Limited platform space
  • Adjacent residents
  • Access constraints
  • Limited possession times.

Through carefully considered design and collaboration with the client, we were able to navigate all issues. We offered the client a resolution that enabled the main works of the project to take place and all the platforms to operate at the same time.

Why Story chose the Mitchell Bridges 18m U-Frame Bridge

Needing a platform-to-platform temporary bridge, Story approached Mitchell Bridges because of our long-standing professional relationship andprevious successful delivery of multiple railway projects with them. They know that Mitchell Bridges are able to quickly mobilise teams to carry out thedesign, plan logistics of getting the bridge to site and review the appropriate methodology for Install and removal.

Based on the project requirements, our lightweight 18m U-Frame Bridge was chosen for the project which negates the most common problems associated with platform-based infrastructure:

  • Support for additional loads of significance
  • Access for cranage

The lightweight option meant that the platform could incorporate the loads from the bridge and a small crane could lift the components over the station building and onto the platform. Recommending this bridge for this project set Mitchell apart from the competition and ultimately won the work.

How Story used our bridge

With the 18m U-Frame Bridge in situ, rail passengers were able to go about their normal daily journeys. As well as complying with the usual safety standards of a railway bridge we housed lighting and CCTV on the structure for public safety. The proposed solution was accepted by Network Rail’s technical approval processes, and we installed in line with Story's project programme: an all-round success. 

“Mitchell Bridges worked extremely hard through the design and assurance stage to provide a suitable and compliant solution. The team were excellent during the site install of a temporary footbridge with a high-quality output and provided great technical support following the install. A massive thank you to the MitchellBridges team!”

Cameron MacDonald, Project Engineer

The results

The bridge was successfully installed during a single night-time possession in time for the platform to re-open for general public use, allowing for zero disruption to users of Selby station.

Need a temporary bridging solution?

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