Annually transferring 300,000 Royal Ascot guests across the road to grandstand and enclosure

October 3, 2023

Royal Ascot, the crown jewel of Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire, is one of the world's most prestigious horse racing events. Held over five days in June, Mitchell Bridges has been an integral part of the preparations for over 14 years.

The provision of temporary bridge solutions forms a vital component of the event's infrastructure, ensuring the safe and efficient movement of the 300,000-strong crowd that converges on the event each year. This partnership exemplifies meticulous planning behind the scenes, enhancing the overall experience and safety for all. Ascot Racecourse and Royal Ascot, together with Mitchell Bridges, represent the pinnacle of horse racing and event infrastructure excellence.

About Ascot Racecourse

Ascot Racecourse has a rich racing history. It has since become one of the most prestigious and iconic race courses in the world. The royal connection has remained strong throughout its history, with various members of the British royal family attending its events. It has a global reputation, attracting visitors and competitors from around the world. It hosts races with significant international participation, contributing to its status as a global racing destination.

With its esteemed horse racing legacy and international appeal, Ascot Racecourse consistently draws in excess of 300,000 visitors during the Royal Ascot meeting. This significant influx of attendees presents a formidable challenge to the local transportation infrastructure. Ensuring the secure and efficient arrival of patrons at the event hinges crucially on the invaluable support and expertise provided by Mitchell Bridges.

For over 14 years, Mitchell Bridges has maintained a collaboration with Ascot Racecourse, diligently ensuring the safe transit of event-goers. They have achieved this through the deployment of two robust box girder bridges, capable of spanning distances of up to 34 meters. Mitchell Bridges' specialised proficiency in the planning, installation, and removal of these temporary structures has played a pivotal role in sustaining the racecourse's prosperity, especially in the face of ever-increasing demand for this exceptional event.

Why Ascot chose Mitchell Bridges

Mitchell Bridges has established a long standing and collaborative partnership with Ascot Racecourse, delivering various temporary bridge solutions spanning a remarkable 14-year period. Their remarkable capacity to adapt to the escalating demands placed on both the local transportation infrastructure and the racecourse itself positions them as leaders in the provision of temporary bridge solutions not only for Ascot but also for other major events throughout the UK year-round.

How Ascot Racecourse used our bridges

Mitchell Bridges installed two long span box girder bridges as part of the infrastructure plan for the Royal Ascot race meet. The bridges, strategically positioned at the main entrance and heath tunnel entrances are adjacent to existing car parks, park and ride drop offs and local coach station to help move patrons directly from transport routes and into the race course area. Helping to achieve minimal disruption and impact to the local community, whilst maximising the free and safe movement of people attending the event.

Mitchell Bridges meticulously navigated and complied with the necessary approval processes stipulated by local authorities. Furthermore, they diligently planned and executed a comprehensive traffic management strategy during both installation and removal phases, all driven by their commitment to optimising processes and minimising disruptions.

The results

As with the previous Installations over the last 14 years, the bridges were installed successfully during a 4 day period prior to the event. The bridges were pre-prepared with framework to house banners for the event and overall, the project and the temporary bridge Installations were a resounding success with the safe movement of the 300,000 people in attendance.

Need a temporary bridging solution?

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