Mitchell Bridges supports Manchester Airport's overhaul of Terminal 2

October 3, 2023

Manchester Airport, serving as the North's premier international gateway, registered an estimated 23.3 million passengers in 2022, solidifying its position as the UK's third busiest airport. To further enhance its capabilities, a substantial £1.3 billion redevelopment initiative is presently in progress, aimed at a comprehensive overhaul of Terminal 2. This transformation will result in a more than twofold increase in both its size and capacity.

The MACE Group has been entrusted with the role of construction delivery specialists and project management for this ambitious program. Drawing upon their extensive track record in successfully executing major aviation projects, they quickly recognised the importance of maintaining uninterrupted access routes during the extensive construction activities. Consequently, through their construction logistics specialists at DGP Logistics they engaged Mitchell Bridges to provide a temporary bridging solution.

MACE Group and DGP Logistics

As the designated construction delivery specialists, MACE Group selected DGP Logistics to provide comprehensive construction logistics support. With the need for a temporary bridging solution pre-identified by MACE, DGP was tasked with engaging potential temporary bridge providers. Drawing upon their expertise in construction logistics and planning, DGP effectively leveraged their industry contacts and experience to source the optimal solution for the project.

Following initial discussions encompassing services, available stock, and potential solutions, DGP chose Mitchell Bridges to supply a 24-meter box girder span complete with main tower supports and stair access at one end. The installation of this bridge was crucial to the project's success, as it was imperative to maintain seamless access between airside and landside for construction operatives, all while adhering to the stringent security protocols mandated by the airport's compliance procedures. Achieving this required the re-design and modification of the existing stock bridge to meet the high-security standards consistent with the airport's overall security measures, presenting the most formidable challenge to the project's successful execution.

Benefiting from Mitchell Bridges' extensive 30-year experience in temporary bridge solutions, they rapidly formulated the best approach, comprehended the unique challenges posed by the project, and devised methodologies for installing a bridge that fully complied with the airport's rigorous security standards. Ultimately, Mitchell Bridges' knowledge and expertise in this specialised area were the determining factors in securing their contract with DGP.

Keeping it secure

DGP Logistics approached Mitchell Bridges with several key challenges that the project confronted. Among the primary challenges were:

• Ensuring the safe and secure transit of site staff between airside and landside.

• Maintaining compliance with airport security regulations.

• Integrating one end of the bridge with an existing stair unit.

• Securing the bridge to the existing airport mass concrete surface, which housed a considerable number of utilities and fuel lines.

In close collaboration with DGP, Mitchell Bridges successfully addressed the numerous challenges presented by the project. The span was entirely enclosed, incorporating our steel Heraspanel infills, and a mesh panel roof was constructed using airport-compliant security mesh. To navigate the intricacies of securing the bridge to the existing surface, DGP organised and conducted a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) test to map out the location of existing utilities and fuel lines. Through this collaborative effort, Mitchell Bridges designed a secure holding down arrangement that avoided interference with the existing infrastructure and allowed for the safe installation of the bridge.

Why DGP Logistics chose Mitchell Bridges

A brief consultation period and initial discussions allowed DGP to gain a comprehensive understanding of Mitchell Bridges' credentials, values, and their capacity to install a bridge that could accommodate all project requirements.

DGP's confidence in Mitchell Bridges was reaffirmed later in the project when, due to on-site changes, it became necessary to extend the bridge span from 24 meters to 30 meters. Mitchell Bridges, drawing upon their substantial stock and demonstrating remarkable adaptability, were able to accommodate this change even in the latter stages of the project lifecycle.

How DGP/MACE used our bridge

While prefabricated, the solutions offered by Mitchell Bridges exhibit exceptional flexibility. What truly distinguishes them from other temporary bridge suppliers is their capacity to adapt and redesign existing structures to align with their clients' specific requirements.

Once the temporary structure was installed, a scaffold tie-in solution was erected to connect the existing stair unit to the structure. In the subsequent week, the bridge was made accessible to operatives, marking the commencement of the next phase of the Terminal 2 regeneration project.

The results

The installation of the bridge was carried out over a single day and night shift. The primary construction activities were conducted during daylight hours, while the pivotal span lift operation took place during a night shift. The following day, after a thorough site walkover with engineers and key stakeholders, the bridge was successfully handed over to DGP/MACE.

The logistics lead at MACE subsequently commented:

" I just wanted to express my thanks to you and the Mitchell Bridges team for the concerted efforts made over the past months and particularly in recent weeks to achieve asuccessful installation of the pedestrian bridge.”

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