Vehicle Bridge

We are proud to have supplied a number of well-respected organisations around the UK with temporary vehicle bridges.

Our Vehicle bridges are the ideal alternative to quick bridges, bailey bridges or panel bridges. Working closely with them, we have been able to give a variety of different vehicles access to areas including construction sites, flooded roads or across highways.

Over the past 40 years our experienced designers and engineers have worked alongside each client to ensure their specifications are met effectively and on budget. We also make sure that we have all the appropriate licenses and approval processes in place so that our clients don’t experience disruption that can impact on budgets or progress.


Our temporary vehicle bridges come in two different ranges and are available in a number of sizes.

The CB range is available in 6, 8, 12 or 24 metres and are usually used to access or cross constructions sites and other vehicle access projects. They are designed to carry loads of around 45 tonnes but we can provide a bridge for heavier loads if required.

You can download our vehicle bridge specifications below:

CB8 Specification

CB12 Specification

CB24 Specification


Mitchell Bridges is a CHAS compliant, RISQS registered company (5*) with PTS qualified installation engineers. Our bridges are independently inspected at the time of assembly and monitored by us throughout their placement so that we maintain the highest level of confidence in our bridges.

You can view some examples of our temporary vehicle bridges click on the image gallery. Alternatively, if you need to discuss your requirements with us then give us a call on 01962 885040 or send an email to